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What is Powder Coating?
The Process
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Parts must be free of contaminates: Heavy grease, rust, old paint, silicones (WD-40, High temp. oils, etc.)

Our cleaning process employs a dip/power spray process which can cause sealed cavities to fill during immersion and then have to be boiled out before coating.

Sand blasting or bead blasting is recommended for previously painted parts prior to powder coating.  We can do that here in the shop.

Electrically charged powder is then sprayed to completely envelope each part so that all surface area is covered properly to protect against corrosion and to maintain cosmetics. If certain areas require masking or minimal coverage, we will discuss your specific needs.

What can be powder coated? Typically Steel, Aluminum, or Iron. Our gun allows us to coat  almost any surface, although it must be able to withstand ~400 degrees for 40+ minutes for curing.  No rubber grommets, gaskets, etc.

Can powder coating be applied over paint or other coatings?  To a certain degree this is possible but durability of the coating may be compromised.  Please ask for specific applications.

The cost of Powder Coating is comparable to liquid, with the benefit of a uniform, durable, high quality finish that is environmentally friendly.

Clear coating and Primers can be done with powder coating to add depth and protection.

Powder coating is not indestructible, but it is about the most durable decorative finish available at this time. Powders are typically at least 3 times stronger than liquid paint.

Powder coating is safe to the environment, there are virtually no VOC’s released during the application and curing of the powder.  There is no hazardous waste created with this process.


Compressor and Wash Tank

SandBlaster and small Ovens

Racked and Coated